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We Sell More Land in NW Georgia than all other area Real Estate Offices Combined.

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Below you will find some testimonials our customers and local residents have sent to us. Feel free to browse these testimonials to get an idea of the exceptional service we offer to our customers as well as a general consensus of the Lookout Mountain area.

We want to thank Pep and Ann for helping us acquire our lot.  Their knowledge about Lookout Mountain and available properties was first rate.  They knew what types of property we were interested in and helped steer us to those, thus avoiding wasting our time looking at land that wouldn't meet our needs.  This was important as we live out-of-state and needed to be efficient with our time when we were visiting.  Their communication with us during the process was also key.  The information they provided and the prompt responses to my emails also made the buying experience less of a challenge for us out-of-state buyers.  Although we did not know them when we started, we developed a strong trust in Pep and Ann and felt comfortable in conducting our closing remotely as we knew they would look out for our interests.

Thank you again for all you've done, and we look forward to being your neighbors!


Jon and Karen, Orlando, FL - November 2009


Bo was a tremendous asset in researching lake front property for our family. He and his group at Lookout Mountain Real Estate know the area very well and provided us excellent service throughout the sales process."

Eric & Sheri Rominger - Spring 2007


When we started looking for land, almost as a whim, in the Lookout Mountain area, we quickly became enraptured with the natural, scenic beauty that is still so undisturbed in the area.  Those who have purchased land here, preserve this setting and integrity.  I have come to appreciate that a sense of pride, community, and yet remote, peaceful solitude and privacy are all balanced beautifully amongst the residents and second home owners here.   All of these combined to turn our “whim” into a serious desire to not only buy land here but to be permanent residents and part of this magical place somewhere in our future.

But in the mean time, we have chosen to raise our family in our home town. The beauty of our place in Lookout Mountain is that we can have an impulse to be there, hop in the car, and before we have listened to a couple of CDs, we are standing on our brow overlooking magnificent McClemore cove, followed by dinner at a fantastic restaurant (Canyon Grill).  From our home in central Alabama, we cannot be at the Gulf, Atlanta, Nashville, Biloxi, Gatlinburg, Highlands . . . you fill in the resort destination . . . within two hours time and be in such a beautiful destination with all of the world class entertainment and dining that Chattanooga now offers. 

It is rare that we get away just the two of us, we have two young sons, and we treasure those moments that are just ours.  But we delight just as much in the equally incredible moments spent with our boys as a family enjoying the fun kid activities available in Chattanooga, the history of Mentone, the beauty of DeSoto State Park, Pigeon Mountain State Park, and our own rocky natural terrain.

All of this was made possible by the unique experience that we had with Lookout Mountain Real Estate.  The personal attention, customer service, quick response, and care we received were exemplary.  Their intensive knowledge of the history, geography, topography, and community were invaluable to us.  Months after our purchase, they are still just as responsive, open, sharing, caring, and giving.  It was not all “show” for the real estate close.  Lookout Mountain Real Estate is a part of this community as residents and business owners.  We have rarely encountered such devote professionalism and courtesy in any business.  We are delighted to now share a part of the Lookout Mountain community with them as our neighbors and friends.

Thank you Lookout Mountain Real Estate for making the experience of owning our paradise such a fabulous experience!

Rachel and David Giles – Clanton, AL

We consider the people at Lookout Mountain Real Estate far more than the great real estate professionals that they are.  We consider them dear friends.  We continue to look to them for guidance and input about things to do and places to go, well after our purchase of a beautiful brow lot and home,.  They are always willing to help.  When we were looking for a place, they helped us find our dream second home at Lookout Highlands.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for helping us find the perfect place to teach our children about the joys and beauty that nature provides.  We believe our time at Lookout Highlands has been among our happiest and most fulfilling family time.  Pep and Ann Grimes are responsible for our exposure to and decision to buy our special cabin at Lookout Highlands.  I would quickly and enthusiastically refer anyone to them who might need assistance with the possible purchase or sale of property

Sam and Virginia Budnyk – Mary Ester, FL


My reason for choosing Pep and LMRE was their familiarity with the area.  When I wanted to look at a piece of property, Pep didn't have to go wandering all over the place, looking for the boundaries and entry points.  He knew right where to go, how to verbally describe different locales, the advantages and disadvantages, and any special provisions that someone like me from the 'flatlands of Florida' might not know.  He was persistent without being pushy, which I liked.


I was interested in acreage with the thought of later developing or selling some of the tracts as well as possibly building on the property should we move to the area, so I ended up buying a 29 acre tract and took an option on an adjacent tract, which I ended up also purchasing.  When a third adjacent tract came on the market, Pep helped me negotiate the sale in order to add it to my holdings (now approx 90 acreas).  The land is located about two miles south of Pep's real estate office, on GA Hwy 157.


Our daughter and her family live on Lookout Mt.   While visiting her we drove around and ran into Pep and learned of the availability of north Georgia land on Lookout Mt.  Since I've always loved the mountains, we decided to sell other property we owned in Florida and purchase the mountainside property. 


Erik and Mary Stoer – Freeport, FL



After exploring the congested, expensive mountain properties in north central and northeast Georgia we made a visit to Lookout Mountain.  Having lived in Georgia for 15 years we never knew Lookout was anything more than an attraction in Chattanooga.  It is miles and miles of scenic beauty and breathtaking views.  After experiencing the size, personality, investment quality and beauty of the mountain, we bought two large lots and built a log house.  The plan was to build a place to retire; instead it has become our full-time "home" with retirement still years away. You should see our view!  We love it here.


Lookout Mountain Real Estate is more than a real estate company for the Lookout Mountain area.  They are neighbors to all, close friends to most and know this area better than anyone I have met.  Whether someone is looking for an awesome view from the eastern or western brows; multiple acres for your horses; a place on a golf course with a breathtaking view; or a gated community home on a lake; no one knows where to find it better than Pep, Ann, Bo and Alan.  When we bought two brow lots Pep was there for everything.  Even after the purchase was complete, he was still there as the building began.  As they have told us often, moving to Lookout Mountain is a change of lifestyle.  Our experience has proven that to be a very true statement.  Lookout Mountain Real Estate is an example of that lifestyle change.  You do not find this quality of knowledge, service and honest friendliness in the city. 

My wife and I not only enjoy the peace and quietness of Lookout Mountain, but we also enjoy many of the activities of the area.  We have gone to many Chattanooga Lookouts and Rome Braves baseball games.  Two front row tickets, parking, two hot dogs and two beers - $32, still affordable for a family.  There are many large lakes within an hours drive.  Downtown Chattanooga is an enjoyable place for dinner or just sitting at an outside table having a drink.  If you want a museum, explore history in a Civil War Battleground or want to go to a mud race, there is something for you every weekend.  The local small town craft shows and fairs are a lot of fun.  The "World's Longest Yard Sale" which stretches from Alabama to Kentucky goes right in front of our home every August.  As it is said, "... another man's treasure."  We are within about two hours of five airports and have found that to many destinations flying out of Chattanooga is cheaper than flying out of Atlanta.  I leave from our home on the mountain with the same amount of time I left from our Atlanta home.  I am still at the gate in the Altanta airport in the same amount of time even though I got there via the Chattanooga airport.  So far the longest security line I have stood in was about five people.  I love living up here!  Thanks Lookout Mountain Real Estate for helping us find our change of lifestyle!


Mike and Debbie Woody – Alpharetta, GA


Okay, I guess I will give up a few of my secrets in why I love living in Lookout Highlands. We enjoy picking up a pizza and going to the bluff and watching the sun go down; it is the most spectacular view. What is better after a long day than going fishing on the lake. hiking and biking in Lookout Highlands is always lots of fun; you will always see something new. Roughly 20 to 30 minutes from the small town of Trenton to the big city of Chattanooga or the suburbs of Fort Oglethorpe; there is a large variety of things to do. Everyday is a vacation living in Lookout Highlands.

The Blades Family
Buford, Rosie and Gabrielle


Thank you for spending the day with us last Friday.  We know how undecided we were and you never once made us feel like we were wasting your time.  We also appreciate your calling ahead for us to make our reservations for The Canyon Grill; the salmon and scallops were delicious.  We can't wait to eat at The Grill again soon.

Dave and Brenda Keith--Birmingham, AL


If you live in the area and would like to post your comments about us and / or Lookout Mountain on our website, feel free to fill out the comment form below. We will review your entry and add it to our list of testimonials promptly.