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The Long Branch Residential Preserve is located in the northern portion of Walker County, Georgia, approximately 12 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee. By way of Nickajack Road and Georgia Highway 193 in Chattanooga Valley to the east, the downtown Chattanooga area can be reached in less than twenty minutes.

The Lookout Mountain plateau extends to the northeast and southwest and its northern portion encompasses the extended neighborhood of the Long Branch Residential Preserve. The public perception of Lookout Mountain has been enhanced for many generations by its Civil War history; its views of the Chattanooga and Lookout Valley areas below; and for its rural seclusion. The Long Branch Residential Preserve, well located on Lookout Mountain relative to Chattanooga, has been fully developed with minimal environmental impact and creative site placement for views of its surrounding topography. The result is maximum seclusion and scenic beauty for each of the developed tracts. Further, by use of conservation easements and restricted adjacent lands, these characteristics are forever preserved for the enjoyment of many generations to come.

The Long Branch Residential Preserve is located between the east line of Georgia Highway 157 (Lula Lake Road) and the extreme eastern brow of Lookout Mountain. Access to the property is at the point at which Long Branch Creek intersects the south line of Nickajack Road. The landscaped and gated entrance is located less than mile east of Lula Lake Road.

The main body of the property is rectangular in shape with a combined total area of 400+ acres. The property is identified as being in all or portions of land lots 238 and 267, in the 10th district, 4th section, Walker County, Georgia.

Lake Sarahzane

The tract is a portion of an elevated valley created by a rift on the east portion of Lookout Mountain. It is bisected by a significant area water source known as Long Branch Creek. Lula Lake Road (Highway 157) is located to the west of the western rim of this valley and the High Point ridge, including the Hawk Cliff, McCallie and Miller Gaps and High Point itself, (see maps) forms the east border. The large ravine is steep in topography on its east and west sides but it has rolling topographical features within a large and gentle mid-section. The valley is an excellent watershed area that feeds Long Branch and its many tributaries.

This watershed area is critical to the quality of Long Branch. Through adjacent land acquisition efforts by the developer, the Lula Lake Land Trust and others, the vast majority of the watershed has been protected. Those efforts have also preserved the native pine and interspersed hardwood and have permanently, rendered impractical, future mineral extraction throughout the valley. The topographic features, adjacent ownership and conservation efforts have created a level of protection for the Long Branch Residential Preserve from nearby non-conforming or nuisance property use that is unparalleled on Lookout Mountain.

In summary, the location of the Long Branch Residential Preserve and its unique level of protection results in a development that offers a degree of privacy and value stability available only within the most exclusive rural developments within the southeastern United States.